Advice when going to the Circuit de Catalunya racetrack

Thanks to our extensive experience in this type of setting, we have become experts in Formula 1 and motorcycle Grand Prix events. Therefore, we have collected and elaborated a great deal of useful advice if you are planning to stay in Barcelona to enjoy the races held at the Circuit de Catalunya in the town of Montmeló.

  • How to get to the Circuit de Catalunya Racecoruse


    To reach the Circuit de Catalunya racetrack in Montmeló, Hotel Torre Catalunya enjoys an easy-to-reach and privileged location. Follow the instructions to get to the racetrack.

    > Follow our advice to get to the Circuit de Catalunya Racetrack

  • Weather at the Circuit de Catalunya Racecourse:


    We recommend that you be aware of the weather forecast on the day/s of the race:

    • Traditionally, weather is extremely warm throughout the racetrack, especially for those whose tickets are not in the shade. Therefore, we recommend that you take: cap/hat, sunglasses, soft drinks and cool garments.

    • If, on the other hand, weather is to be rainy, the easiest is to have a raincoat in your rucksack..

    NOTE: At the hotel, we will provide you with a bottle of water on the day of the race.

  • Other recommendations


    • Free access for children: Children under the age of 5 and who do not occupy a seat have free access to the Circuit de Catalunya racetrack. If the children are under the age of 12, they will have free entry to the grassy area (known locally as pelouse) if and when the child is accompanied by an adult.
    • We recommend you take food and/or drinks with you.

    • Throughout the race, keep a very close eye on your belongings, as this type of event is a favourite for pick-pockets.

    • Merchandising: : If you want to purchase Formula 1 merchandising products, we recommend that you visit the shops along the streets of the village of Montmeló.

    • Taking a set of earplugs with you is good advice if you are located on a straight stretch. Depending on where you are located, the sound of the cars could damage your hearing.

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